Volunteer with us

Welcome to our volunteering page!

The Wrose Carnival Committee is fully ran by Volunteers who donate their time throughout the year to make the event possible! We may not always be seen but you will normally find us hiding in the background – or in a tent!

We are constantly looking for volunteers to help us in the planning of the event and on the day!

Coming soon…

One thing we can’t do without is our volunteers on the carnival day itself. There are so many jobs we need filling that we require our volunteers to do. Here are some examples below..

Litter Picking

Main Arena Support

Car Show Support

Donation Collection

Parade Marshals

Dog Show Support

Royal Party Support

And these are to just name a few. Some jobs are more glamorous than others but are all as crucial as another.

Without our volunteers we would really struggle on the day. We greatly appreciate the volunteers that donate their time to this event. Thank you

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